Momentus agrees to a partnership with Orbit NTNU to develop a SelfieSat

Commercial space company deals with in-space resources, Momentus, and the student organization named Orbit NTNU, which manufactures and deploys cubesats to partner to develop the SelfieSat. NTNU is short for the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim where the nonprofit organization manufactures the cubesats in commercial quantities. SelfieSat aims to retrieve the images taken from Earth and illustrate them over a satellite and take a selfie of the with the mobile arm of the spacecraft. Momentus’ transport and service ship, Vigoride, will depart with the CubeSat through the Falcon 9 rideshare mission anticipated to take place next year. This satellite will be the first to leave Norway being a product of students’ organization. SelfieSat will be a milestone for the Norwegian students who are aspiring to venture engineering and technological operations once they graduate.

The satellite utilizes purchased components and locally developed parts. The satellite’s success will inspire the students to develop their components if they also receive government support. Orbit NTNU has stated through its spokesperson that it will continue venturing the development of more upgraded satellites with the hope of reaching the levels that mega space companies and agencies like SpaceX, Blue Origin and NASA have set. The head of technical operations at Orbit NTNU, Simen Berg, expressed his joy over the collaboration with Momentus and they anticipate this first mission to be eventful. Simen added that they are keen to receive the first selfies from the SelfieSat to demonstrate that their efforts were not in vain.

The chief executive of Momentus, Mikhail Kokorich, stated that this would be their first mission to work with a student organization. Mikhail expressed excitement over the growth of the company to deal with such organizations since it will create an opportunity for the company to unravel job opportunities, finance commercial and government projects, and infuse the academic sector into their operations. Momentus will take up the elite students and grow its research and development department after training them and showing them how to think outside the normal settings. Momentus has been moving fast with the in-space infrastructure processes to create a reputation for its activities in the space industry. The company is hopeful that Orbit NTNU can benchmark its technological advances, cost-cutting mechanisms and employee recruitment to stabilize itself and grow roots in the space sector. Momentus is partnering with private space operators, government agencies and other stakeholders with viable interests in space activities.