Space Force Marks First Anniversary

It is one year since the formation of the US Space Force happened. The space force was formed after Donald Trump signed a law that initiated the space force as part of the American armed forces. At its launch, there was speculation as to the purpose of its formation. However, formalities were revised, and the reason was found. According to then-president trump, monitoring activities happening in space was an essential activity that warranted a dedicated task force. However, the commander in charge of the space force operations, Lt. Gen Whiting, States that the agency had the mandate to educate the masses on what it does and the functions they cover. 

However, this year’s birthday celebrations came under digress after plans to meet were curtailed by social distancing health regulations. The celebration scheduled for the 20th of December will occur virtually, with interested parties joining in online. Further information concerning the formation resurfaced after Lt Whiting revealed that the agency has two birthdates, a similar case to England’s queen. 

The space force similarly faced travel restrictions following the coronas virus and was forced to hold a virtual party with troops worldwide joining in from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Likewise, looking back at the year, Lt Whiting expressed his gratitude stating that the force has come a long way and grown faster than they expected. The force has its headquarters at the Pentagon and already published a requirements draft in August. Among its accomplishments is a Colorado-based Command centre used to train and prepare cadets for operations. Part of the space rangers’ operations includes operating satellites, monitoring space traffic, tracking missile launches and keeping an eye on possible space-based threats on the US space force. 

However, the force still wants the public to understand why its operations are necessary. Safety in space always a matter of concern for the public but is rarely discussed. He expressed the need for the country to access space when required. Likewise, Lt Whiting has urged the upcoming generation to get involved in studies that earn those careers in the space exploration industry because of its exponential growth potential. Whiting also expressed that the agency’s limited sizing helps to make operations inconspicuous. He further ascertains s that the force primarily focuses on getting the best fit for tasks involved in the recruitment process. In general, the space force wants to increasingly change the young generation’s mind-set to take more risks.