NASA appoints Reid Wiseman as the New Chief Astronaut

Wiseman will be in charge of mission activities by the Artemis Generation of astronauts. 

The organization has named Reid Wiseman as the Chief Astronaut, as per Director of Flight Operations at the NASA Agency, Steve Koerner. He will be the head of operations at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. He will be the advisor to the Artemis Generation of astronauts. He will be assigning crews to future missions. These do include commercial flights, orbital as well as lunar space exploration flights to the international space station.

Reid was selected to join NASA back in 2009. After training with them, he qualified to be an astronaut in 2011. In 2014, Reid joined a 165-day mission to the international space station as a flight engineer. He was part of a team that upgraded the mobile servicing system for a robotic arm. This robotic arm is part of Canadarm 2.It started the reconfigurations needed for commercial crew missions such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

In a statement released by Koerner, Reid is as thoughtful as he is committed to his fellow astronauts. His enthusiasm and energy for space exploration make him a good fit for this chief astronaut position. He adds that Reid will be a great chief for the astronaut office in the exciting times to come. This appointment came about a week after NASA named the Artemis team of astronauts. This is an 18-member group of men and women. They will be preparing the agency for returning people into the lunar space. This includes orbiting the moon and future landing on it.

Reid will be in charge of the 46 active astronauts in the United States Offices. He will be the astronaut training coordinator. He will also organize missions and activities with international astronauts from other countries such as Europe, Canada, and Japan.

Before his appointment, Reid has been a deputy Chief astronaut since 2017, where he assisted the outgoing Chief Astronaut Patrick Forrester. Forrester will be taking an extended leave of absence from NASA. He will be pursuing another opportunity outside NASA. Koerner praised Forrester as a dedicated leader and a hard worker for the past three years. “Pat has provided bedrock of steadfast, forthright leadership in the astronaut office during a crucial time for NASA as we launched the first commercial crew flights and laid the groundwork for Artemis missions,” said Koerner.

Reid will be the 17th Chief of Astronaut office. This is the senior-most leadership position for active astronauts at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The holder of this position also acts as the chief advisor to trainees and other stakeholders in the space exploration field. This is a very coveted position among the astronauts. We wish Reid Wiseman all the best in this new role.