Space startups are under siege in the recruitment of new staff, especially after going public

Experts can attest that recruiting people in the space industry can be a challenging task. However, companies like SpaceX have managed to overcome this problem and resorted to launching webcasts as tools for hiring new people. This system allows the recruiters to choose the new employees from a variety of people who witness rocket launches and landings. Additionally, this program enables the hiring entity or department to specify the particulars that it requires for the open job.

This move allows them to filter out the people who do not meet the requirements and have a small group of people to hold a physical interview. However, not all companies have the capacity to conduct such activities in the space industry. A perfect example is Isotropic Systems. This company has about 70 employees and is involved in establishing flat-panel antennas and hardware for satellite communications.

The CEO of Isotropic Systems, John Finney, stated that some positions are easier to fill than others, depending on each job’s specifications. He explained that the jobs requiring expertise like semiconductor chipset development are hard to fill because they require people who have been with the company for quite some time.

However, the company secured some laid-off employees from the likes of OneWeb after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Finney explained that they utilized this opportunity to secure employees that had attained experience from these mega-companies minimizing the training costs. The company is still working on both expansion and the recruitment of new employees. An added advantage to the company is the $42 million that the company procured in its funding round that ended early last month. This amount will help it establish a new facility in proximity to the headquarters and scale up the number of employees.

Finney articulated that they decided to harvest from the idle workforce in the market since they want this action put into work to obtain results for the company. The executive added that the new funding round will be facilitated by SES and will help the company recruit the new employees that it yearned for when it started operations.

The company also has another facility in the US, although the executive complained that the hiring process is longer and the impatient but skilled people might eventually lose interest. Other space companies have resorted to going public like Astra to attract more skilled people who view this development as an opportunity to revive their talents. Hopefully, these companies can tap into their potential and utilize it to become the best in the industry.