Raymond claims that the Space Force isn’t a political concern

General John Raymond, who serves as the Chief of Space Operations stated on March 3 that the White House’s indisputable endorsement for the Space Force allows it “very evident that it is not a political problem, it’s a matter of national security.” Raymond stated he valued the president’s assistance, which indicates an understanding that space is a nationwide issue¬†when addressing at a virtual National Press Club gathering. “Everything is moving in the right direction,” Raymond stated.

The Space Force was passed into law by Congress on December 20, 2019, with bipartisan support, but it has been dubbed “Trump’s Space Force” because of the previous president’s strong support for it. Last month, Jen Psaki, who serves as the White House press secretary, stated that the Space Force “fully has the complete backing of the Biden administration.” And we’re not going back on our decision to create the Space Force.”

“And I’ll tell you what, the chance is already yielding great dividends,” Raymond said, adding that the Space Force would help the United States “stay on top and be the worldwide superpower in space.” According to Raymond, the planet is entering an age marked by “rapid international growth in space trade, exploration, as well as military activities.”

“Despite the fact that it may not be readily evident, the Space Force has a deep and frequent link with virtually every American,” he said, pointing out that people rely on space technologies such as GPS as well as satellite-centered communications in their everyday lives. As countries like Russia and China try to threaten the US with missiles that could strike satellites, the Space Force does have a critical role to play in protecting those properties, according to Raymond.

“Every area of warfare has had a service linked to it throughout history,” he stated. The Navy is responsible for naval operations, while the Army is responsible for land operations, and the Air Force is responsible for air operations. “Space, just like those other realms, has become more competitive, so there was a chance to establish up this purpose-built service. based on the domain’s difficulties.”

General John William “Jay” Raymond is the first director of space operations for the United States Space Force. He was previously the commander of the United States Space Command, which he served from 29 August 2019 to 20 August 2020.