Former NASA officials are preparing to construct a space hotel by the year 2024

Space hotels may feel like a much further dream, but if the Axiom Space has something to say concerning it, they might be a possibility faster than you expected. The Houston-based firm, co-founded by ex-NASA chief Michael Suffredini of the International Space Station (ISS), plans to launch the first section of a latest commercial space station within only three years this will serve as an out-of-this-world restaurant. As early as 2028, the $2 billion venture, dubbed “AxStation,” could be completed.

The aim is to mount a crew module to International Space Station by the year 2024 and then extend from there to construct a minimum of two other modules, such as a panoramic observatory as well as a laboratory/manufacturing plant. As per Wired, the organization plans to leave all 3 modules connected to the ISS until they are retired, that Suffredini estimates to be roughly around 2028. The latest AxStation, if successfully separated, will become the first internationally accessible private space station to fly freely. For the first generation of space visitors, the outpost would act both as a testing platform as well as a go-to destination. That’s why, to make the lodging much more comfortable than the rather antiseptic ISS, Axiom would go to considerable lengths.

The crew module, which doubles as a hotel, contains Philippe Starck’s decor, a renowned interior designer. Plush padding walls as well as furnishings, sleek colour-changing LEDs and the panoramic views of our households world about 250 miles away will be offered in the cabins. The exterior modules will be designed by Thales Alenia Space, European aerospace firm, which has already built roughly half of these modules for the International Space Station, while the interior is going to be built in Houston.

The strategy for Axiom seems to be in full flow, too. NASA Agency gave the firm the go-ahead last year to mount one of the crew modules to an International Space Station docking port, together with a contract of about $140 million to make it possible. Axiom has already negotiated an agreement with SpaceX to dispatch a couple of private space explorers by the end of 2021 for brief stays on the International Space Station. It is speculated that seat price is $55 million and Tom Cruise, who is now in negotiations with director and producer Doug Liman to film the first movie in space, allegedly snatched one up. For their trip, space tourists headed for the AxStation can spend a maximum of 15 weeks training.