Changes Coming to the Arizona Corporation Commission

The Arizona Corporation Commission is facing possible changes in operations following new appointments for the commission. The commission has a mandate over a couple of corporations in Arizona’s renewable energy sector with extensive jurisdiction over companies like the Tucson Electric Power, APS, Southwest Gas, Johnson Utilities, and other parties in the rural areas. The commission has the potential to change operations in Arizona with stakes in daily operations for the state. 

The commission faces vacancies to which needs to be filled to be able to save for one entry. Out of the previous commission members, only one-member Lea Marques will retain her position. Marquez was appointed to the commission following her failed attempt to run for congress. Marquez, however, previously held a significant position as the head of Arizona’s Tucson Hispanic Chamber. Tucson got the seat after former governor Doug Ducey gave her the appointment. 

The commission currently faces three vacancies to be field, with six parties vying to get a chance at them. These contestants include three democrats and three republicans. Part of the republican team includes former finance officer Jim O’Connor and politician Eric Sloan. Likewise, the commission faces a coordinated front from the democrat section, including Anna Tovar, Shea Stanfield, and Bill Mundell. The unified team goes by the solar team’s name with a consolidated theme focusing on pushing forward renewable energy targets from the republican side.

The team members have significant posts in the Arizona district with experience handling public resources. Anna Tovar is a recently elected mayor of Tolleson. She is also a former party responsible for state-based legislation for the democrats. Shea Stansfield previously worked as a town council member from Cave Creek. She was also a teacher before her appointment to the town council.  Likewise, Bill Mundell has a longstanding nine-year record as a commission member from 1999-2008. Mundell’s post was a service time for the democrats.

The Democrat team plans to enforce an environment-friendly approach to integrating renewable energy while creating additional job opportunities. The front plans to launch an aggressive campaign for the previously advocated Democratic renewable energy plans. According to Tovar, the climate crisis is a considerable problem that needs immediate solutions. Tovar also believes that climatic change is the cause of adverse effects and emergencies that plague the Arizona region. The venture also serves to save the state from future costs of handling such occurring emergencies.