EMC has released a compliance report for the Dublin Offshore mooring device

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) has finalized the inspection and review of the Dublin Offshore’s mooring load reduction device (LRD) that will be anchoring the floating offshore wind turbines. The agency reviewed the device before licensing it to have passed the international mooring regulations. Dublin Offshore realized that the mooring lines supporting the floating turbines have high tension due to the ocean waves and created a mooring LRD to offer more support. The company tried the scale version of the mooring LRD in its facility off the west coast of Ireland last year before proceeding with the development of this device.

EMEC had the task of observing if the Dublin Offshore mooring system complies with the mooring standards and delivering the collected observations to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The entity assessed the system to ensure that it is compatible with the marine energy converters (MECs)’.

The regulations ensure that the developed technology is safe for commercialization by the involved entity and that it does not restrain the previous operations that the ecosystem was experiencing. EMEC is an accredited body in the industry and proved its reliability by its comprehensive inspection and data collection methodology on this Dublin Offshore device. After analyzing the LRD, EMEC issued a compliance report alongside the findings to assure the agency that contracted it for inspection that it has delivered on its end. The Dublin Offshore LRD system adhered to a large extent with the IEC TS 62600-10 standards making it easy to issue the compliance certificate with the detailed findings.

The contractual analysis of the mooring system for compliance with standards ensures that the system operates efficiently and does not risk its credibility. Moreover, it helps to ascertain the durability of the device so that new technologies can be developed to replace it when it starts to fail. The technical director of EMEC, Elaine Buck, stated that it is the agency’s pleasure to serve Dublin Offshore to ensure it unveils a mooring system that will put it on the renewable energy map.

Buck added that they conducted robust data verification to enable the other developers interested in this technology to copy Dublin Offshore to deliver the quality required from them. Additionally, EMEC worked as a support entity for reference before the Interreg North-West Europe funded Marine Energy Alliance (MEA) project can kickoff. The project will be monitoring the risk scale that developing marine energy has on the ecosystem. Finally, Dublin Offshore can now commercialize the mooring LRD for the floating wind turbine to resume its development.