The growth of wind and renewable energy under Biden’s administration

The renewable energy industry is expected to grow, especially in West Texas, as President Joe Biden’s government wants to get rid of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. More changes are also projected in the oil industry though it will take time.

The Executive Director for Environment Texas, Luke Metzger, said that wind power had played a crucial role in the state’s economy. This is because the sector has employed over 25,000 people who contribute significantly to Texas’s economic growth. Metzger works with a non-profit organization that helps to fight climate change and protect the environment.

Metzger said that a lot has to be done for the state to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. He added that only 25% of power comes from solar and wind in Texas, saying that they have what it takes to add more renewable energy. Metzger said that the renewable energy industry would help them create more and more jobs through solar and wind projects’ installations. He said that this would be more beneficial to rural areas where the projects are being set.

Wes Reeves, Xcel Energy spokesperson, said that renewable energy would help to bring more revenues. Xcel Energy specializes in producing energy from various sources such as oil and wind. Reeves said that the company wants to shift to generating power from renewables so as to benefit the environment. However, Reeves said that oil is not diminishing anytime soon as it is still crucial and helps create wealth for the producing communities. He added that leaders’ role is to develop industries that are beneficial and create wealth for the entire economy.

Over $2 trillion has already been proposed by President Biden’s administration to invest in clean and reliable energy. The money will be used to aid the gas and oil industry adjusts as they proceed to support the increasing power demand. Marshall Watson, Texas Tech Petroleum Engineering Department Chair, said installing wind and solar projects does not eliminate gas and oil consumption. He added that renewable energy is only supplementing gas and oil since the demand for power in America and the entire world had increased.

The market share for renewable energy has increased over the years. This is because many governments across the world are pushing for clean and reliable power in the fight against climate change. Many countries have also set targets as to when they want to reach net-zero carbon emissions and carbon neutral.