Pleasanton council has authenticated the pursuit of renewable energy options

Pleasanton citizens will enjoy the services of renewable energy in their homes after the City Council agreeing to the development of the services proposed by East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) last Tuesday. Mayor Karla Brown had stated that it was essential to offer the residents purely carbon-free renewable energy before the Council meeting for the vote.

The municipal will be enjoying the services of Renewable 100 while the businesses or commercials will be dealing with the Brilliant 100. On the other hand, the customers with CARE/FERA medical services will receive Bright Choice. The difference in levels is because of consumption levels and the scale of demand. Brilliant 100 offers 40 percent renewable energy that is gully carbon-free, while Bright Choice supplies 38 percent renewable energy with some shades of fossil fuels, although at low levels. The difference in pricing is also because of the level of renewable energy offered and carbon-free energy capacity.

Brown explained that the city is preparing to implement the Climate Action Plan with EBCE service’s unveiling to accelerate greenhouse gas minimization in Pleasanton. EBCE revealed that the customers would take up electricity from renewables beginning April with the option of switching to the level they want depending on their disposable income. Nevertheless, PG&E will hold its position while serving the customers’ demands, including grid sustainability and billing information. The public relations manager for EBCE, Alex DiGiorgio, explained in detail the circumstances under which the customers can switch their service levels and the exception rules that will force them to remain at their service level.

In other matters, the nature of heavyweight vehicles has forced their eviction and barring from parking on the residential street close to Interstate 580 in Pleasanton. The City Council approved this move implying that vehicles exceeding 20 feet in length will switch from the 580 freeway soundwall on Pimlico Drive because they fall in the barred category.

Residents aired their concerns over the pressure emerging on the roads after long and wide vehicles, delivery trucks, and trailers occupying the Pimlico Drive, resulting in this road’s impassability. Residents complained of garbage dumping because of the operations of these vehicles in the area. Moreover, any vehicle exceeding a certain stipulated level will pay some fee to ensure the roads’ maintenance. All these strategies will ensure that Pleasanton becomes habitable and residents can have peace of mind without fear of invasive vehicles.