Electric vehicle facility expert stimulates the UK to brace itself for change

Electric vehicle charging businesses are restrategizing to secure the things that come with a growing market for these resources. The partnership involves the leading electric vehicle infrastructure developers and charging technology experts. Vehicle Charging Solutions (VCS), which is engineering these efforts, is a new entrant unveiled last year and is already impacting infrastructure development supporting the uptake of electric vehicles. Last year June, the company penned a contract with Franklin Energy, which allows the company to develop a Recharge Network for Merseytravel passing through Merseyside and Liverpool City. This project has established 52 public charge units over 21 locations in Merseyside, which is preparation for the area to begin expanding operations into these regions. Moreover, the company plans to develop more facilities in 21 more locations in the UK through the collaboration with VCS while initiating the rollout of the Q-Park plan. 

Other areas that are enjoying the services of VCS include Greater Manchester, Lancashire, and Merseyside. The head of the company, Kenneth Green, explained that the growing electric vehicle market triggered them to start developing the technology and utilities to capture the emerging profits. He announced that the switch of the ban on internal combustion engine cars to 2030 had accelerated the uptake forcing people to start preparing for the future. Green noted that they have been observing the electric vehicle projects in the UK and Ireland paying attention to partnerships since it is the plausible strategy to meet a growing market’s needs. 

The regional head of EVBox Group, Jonathan Goose, outlined that the company is collaborating with adi VCS to ensure that the market takes up electric vehicles in the UK. For instance, the electric vehicles that the company develops require the support of adi VCS to enjoy recharging services and activate the high uptake of electric vehicles in this area. Other stakeholders that adi VCS is dealing with include the local authorities, electric vehicle fleet operators, and other major retailers manufacturing electric vehicles. David Hall, an executive of Power Systems UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric, expressed satisfaction over the partnership with the professionalas6and experts to accelerate the transition to clean electrified vehicles. He explained that these programs would aid the country to achieve the net-zero objectives early if all goes as planned. North West Ambulance Service became the first utility enjoying the services of adi VCS to transition to fully electric vehicles. The program will be growing in other regions over the coming days.