The US State Department did not grant 6 Afghan youth visas to participate in the robot race to be held in the capital city of Washington


According to reports in the US media, there were no 6 visa applications from Afghanistan to the international robot competition “First Global Challenge” to be held in July in Washington.

It was stated that the inventor young people who passed the American Embassy in Kabul about 800 kilometers from the city of Herat to make a one-week visa application were greatly disappointed by the rejection of the application.


It was noted that the young people who rejected the applicants at the first visa interview had attended the same way for the application again after a while but could not get any results in these attempts.

The US Department of State, which has not made any assessment of the issue, was reported to have approved only 32 of the B1 / B2 visa applications made last year from Afghanistan, which is a very low figure.

It is stated that the visa can not be granted to the Afghan team visa, while the applicants from Iraq, Iran and Sudan are allowed to have a visa while the US Supreme Court decision, which partially endorses US President Donald Trump’s visa ban, has no direct interest.

Trump, who was sitting in the presidential seat on January 20th in the US, took some additional measures on the grounds of “increasing security at the entry and exit of the country” and the visa process became difficult.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent a letter to US diplomatic missions in March, instructing the US visa application to conduct a tighter security review.

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