In Colombia, the number of dead in the boat has increased to 7


In Guatape, Colombia, the number of those who lost tourists’ survival in the dam lakes was up to seven.

In a written statement from the National Disaster and Risk Management Association (UNGRD), it was stated that the number of casualties in the accident spot in the tourist zone, 80 kilometers east of Medellin, rose to 7 and the search for the two missing persons continued.

In the announcement that the dead were handed over to the families of the five of the deceased, there were also 167 passengers before they settled down on the boat.

Six people lost their lives according to the first reports of a crash in the dam lagoon in the touristic zone in the Antioquia administrative region of Colombia and 80 kilometers east of Medellin.

President Juan Manuel Santos has announced that he will investigate the accident that took place in the dam reservoir in the touristic area of ​​Guatape, in the Antioquia administrative area, and for the time being stated that they focus on search and rescue efforts.

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