Armed attack in hospital in New York: There are wounded


A hospital in New York City reported that two people, including the assailant, had been killed and six others were injured when the former doctor fired at them with rifles.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio told journalists in front of the Bronx Lebanon Hospital that the incident was caused by a conflict at work, not to mention terrorism.

Noting that this is not a terrorist attack has reduced tragedy, Blasio said wounded doctors gave life struggles.

James P. O’Neill, New York Police Chief, said the attacker was an old doctor, that he fired on the 16th and 17th floors of the hospital with automatic guns to other doctors and then committed suicide.

O’Neill noted that a female doctor died at the scene of the attack and that six of the seriously injured 5 were hurt by firearms. The doctor said that the body of the assailant’s assailant was with the woman he had killed.

O’Neill stated that the attacker was also trying to fire himself before committing suicide, so the hospital’s fire alarm worked.

Police Chief O’Neill said the attacking physician would not explain the name yet, but the local press announced that the attacker was former doctor Henry Bello.

No explanation was given for the cause of the attack and the identities of the dead and the wounded.

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