School Superintendent Gives Update On Capital Project


The Kewaskum Board of Education is happy to announce that the predicted tax increase of 19 cents per $1,000 of property value has decreased to 7.5 cents per $1,000, meaning that a property valued at $200,000 will realize a $15 increase versus the predicted $38. Increases in housing values and growth in our communities attributed to this significant decrease, which is great news for our taxpayers.

Additionally, we continue to make great progress with the capital project, with the walls established, floors poured and roofing beams being put into place. The mild weather has created excellent working conditions for C.D. Smith, and they have been taking full advantage of it.

Behind the scenes we have been working closely with Bray Architects and C.D. Smith during the bidding process and are elated to share that the bids, with approximately 80 percent of them submitted and approved, have been favorable.

During the planning stages of the capital project, the Long Range Planning Committee prioritized a list of alternative high school remodeling projects in case this favorable situation presented itself. Now that this has become a reality, we have added two items from the alternative list to the project.

The first addition to the scope of the project addresses the seven-foot height change between the middle and high school buildings. We designed an outdoor tiered seating area in the courtyard that was created to bring in natural light to both the new middle school and existing high school areas.

This area will seat approximately 300 people which can be used for outdoor classrooms, musical concerts, or drama productions. Requisite sound and lighting needs will be included, making it available for evening use as well. The second addition is to remove the existing metal sheeting around the high school gymnasium area and replace it with more durable, energy efficient brick.

The brick will match the exterior brick that will be used for the new middle school and will blend nicely into the existing brick exterior on the high school. The School Board and administration are constantly monitoring the construction, with the goal of maximizing the approved referendum dollars.

The aforementioned additions are examples of this. We are committed to updating, fixing and enhancing as many secondary building needs as possible, with the goal being that our high school and middle school buildings will be in great shape for many years to come. C.D. Smith is welcoming the community to tour the first phases of the construction site on Monday, Mar. 11 at 4 p.m. Those interested in attending should sign up by calling 262-626-8427, extension 8005.


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