Kewaskum Middle School Band Solo And Ensemble Results


Kewaskum Middle School band students participated in Solo and Ensemble in Cedarburg on February 24. These band students worked very hard to prepare music from all sorts of categories.

All students received either a 1st or 2nd place rating in their events. Directors Rachael Holmes and Josh Michlig are extremely proud of these students.

First rating in Class A events: Matthew Blank and Colin Duren (saxophone duet).

First rating in Class B events: Brianna Boegel (clarinet solo), Matthew Blank (alto saxophone solo), Sophia Gerhartz (piano solo), Lisa Bolek (piano solo), Sierra Heipp (cello solo), Madilyn Dogs (alto saxophone solo), Sophia Gerhartz and Abigail Ogi (snare drum duet), 8th Grade Percussion Ensemble (Elena Vlotho, Sophia Gerhartz, Abigail Ogi, Kyle Reichert, Courtney Duren, Kaylie Wiedmeyer), 8th Grade Saxophone Ensemble (Colin Duren, Jamie Grensavitch, Maebel Green, Audra Hurt, Matthew Blank, Kevin Falk, Matthew Krolski, Reegen Marx, Sierra Heipp, Jacob Brzozowski).

Second rating in Class B events: Maebel Green (alto saxophone solo), Gracie Hughes (clarinet solo), Colin Duren (alto saxophone solo), Courtney Duren (piano solo), Reegen Marx and Jacob Brzozowski (saxophone duet), Sami Kusters, Keira Quinn, Nina Schmidt, Lydia Steinbauer (clarinet quartet).

First rating in Class C events: 8th Grade Jazz Ensemble, Grace Lee (flute solo), Amanda Martin (alto saxophone solo), Olivia Laatsch (alto saxophone solo), Kyle Reichert and Courtney Duren (snare drum duet), Alicia Balboa and Jimena Vasquez (flute duet), Josey Curtes, Isabelle Thomas, Natalie Newman, Jade Johnson (clarinet quartet), Jaidan Miller and Samantha Mielkie (flute and clarinet duet), Faith Kaczmarek and Madelyn Niekamp (flute duet), Andrew Bolek (euphonium solo), Justin Mielkie, Derek May, J.J. Banovich, Brady Butzlaff (trumpet, euphonium quartet), Leah Wergin (tuba solo), Justin Mielkie (trumpet solo), Brianna Boegel and Mackenzie Steiner (clarinet duet), J.J. Banovich (euphonium solo), Sadie Clausing (flute solo), Grace Lee and Kailyn Gennrich (flute duet), Grace Blohm (horn solo), Alyvia Anderson and Emily Warick (flute duet), Gino Wedner (trombone solo), Ethan Singer (alto saxophone solo), Isabelle Thomas and Josey Curtes (violin and clarinet duet), Jade Johnson, Kendra Schmitt, Krista Beck (clarinet, trumpet, euphonium trio), Emilia Lang and Megan Roehrig (trumpet and alto saxophone duet), Natalie Newman and Madilyn Dogs (clarinet and alto saxophone duet), Sophie Marchello and Megan Foyse (trumpet and clarinet duet), Isabelle Thomas (violin solo), Megan Roehrig (piano solo), Mackenzie Steiner and Megan Roehrig (piano duet), Morgan Adams (piano solo), Ryan Buchel, Braden Gruen, Jacen Buelow, Andrew Bolek, Leah Wergin (brass quintet).

Second rating in Class C events: 7th Grade Percussion Ensemble (Patrick Simpson, Morgan Adams, Aubrey Magray, Sam Gauthier, Matthew Gill, Ryan Falk), Sophie Marchello (trumpet solo), Grace Lee, Kristin Anderson, Audra Hurt (flute trio), Lydia Michaels and Amber Hofmaier (flute duet, Lissette Balboa and Savannah Baumhardt (flute and clarinet duet), Kaiden Kemnitz and Caleb Woerishofer (trombone duet_, Kailyn Gennrich (flute solo), Patrick Simpson (timpani solo), Jamie Grensavitch (alto saxophone solo), Josh Schellinger (trombone solo), Dillan Steger and Mason Stoffel (trumpet duet).

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