Wedding Cards Stolen From Theresa Couple


A couple from Theresa celebrated their wedding at the Mayville Golf Course on August 19. Ryan and Amber Koll were unloading their gifts on August 20 when they noticed something missing from the car.

The wicker basket containing all of their cards from the previous night was nowhere to be found. The couple then alerted the police about the missing money and cards. “It’s not so much about the money as it is about the words that we’ll never see in the cards that is the most disappointing,” Amber said.

The Kolls believe the theft took place somewhere in a 20-minute window on August 19 as they were loading all of the gifts into their vehicle. Once arriving back at home, all their gifts were locked in their car inside their locked garage.

The MPD estimated the loss to be approximately $15,000. “When life knocks you down you just have to get back up,” Amber said. “I guess they needed the money more than us.” This matter is still under investigation. If anyone has any knowledge of this incident, please contact the police department at 920-387-7903.

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