Last Sunday was another awesome Christmas Parade organized by the Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to everyone who played a role in organizing and assisting to make this year’s parade another success! Although the weather was very comfortable for the parade, December is upon us and that means winter is set to arrive any day now. As you get your Christmas shopping done and purchase those perfect gifts for your loved ones, it is important to understand that some of this year’s hottest gifts may not be legal to use around the village. According to Wisconsin statutes, in order to operate a motorized vehicle on the highway, the vehicle must be operated by a licensed operator and must be registered. The definition of ‘highway’ includes “all public ways and thoroughfares,” which does include sidewalks. Some of the season’s most popular Christmas gift items, such as motorized scooters and self-balancing electric scooters (hover boards), are not legal to be operated on any sidewalk that is adjacent to a public road. Local communities are unable to waive this as it would violate state law. Ultimately, the only places on which motorized scooters can be operated are private property, private roads, and private driveways, with permission. These items may be the perfect gift for someone in your family, but make sure they understand where they can legally operate one. Throughout the year we get many questions about motorized vehicles and their use on village streets and sidewalks. The Village of Kewaskum does allow for low-speed vehicles to be operated on village streets; however, these vehicles must meet very specific standards as specified in state statute. Motor vehicles such as lawnmowers, gocarts, “gators” and golf carts were designed for off-road use only and may not be operated on a sidewalk or street. With winter ready to strike any day now, it is important to prepare for snow removal. All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), although generally illegal to use in the Village, may be used for snow removal purposes, per state statute. ATVs may be operated on the roadway or sidewalk for the purpose of removing snow and must have the snow removal device attached. Operators may travel up to two miles if necessary to remove snow. Please be sure to have appropriate lighting and other safety precautions to ensure your safety. Snow also means snowmobilers will once again bundle up and hit the trails. Village ordinances do not allow for operation off of the Eisenbahn State Trail. The only location in the Village to get on/off the trail is at Kohn’s Filling Station (BP Station) on Fond du Lac Avenue. However, that location is private property so riders should receive permission prior to parking and using their lot. Any snowmobile operated off trail will be issued a citation. This time of year does bring about many different opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Just be sure that when doing so, you are operating within local laws and ordinances. Have a Merry Christmas and see you next year! Thank you,

Tom Bishop
Kewaskum Chief
of Police

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Daniel L. Dreisbach is a scholar adviser to the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center coming to Philadelphia’s Independence Mall, a professor at American University in Washington, and the author of “Reading the Bible with the Founding Fathers.” He wrote this for The Philadelphia Inquirer (TNS)


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