Pharmacy to remain open, store officials say

It is the end of an era in Winters as Cash Saver, formerly known as Lawrence Brothers Grocery, will close, store officials con - firmed Tuesday.


It is the end of an era in Winters as Cash Saver, formerly known as Lawrence Brothers Grocery, will close, store officials con – firmed Tuesday. The decision to close the Winters store comes eight months after the plans to close the supermarket were quashed due to the closure of the Wal-Mart Express stores.

Cash Saver Manager Randy Couch said that Jay Lawrence, president and CEO of Lawrence Brothers based in Sweetwater, was in the store on Monday, informing the staff of the closure. The store is set to close by Sept. 11, but the pharmacy will remain open at another location in Winters.

Lawrence Brothers could not be reached for comment at press time. The news of the closure comes two months after the announcement of the new Spring Market, which is set to open in mid-September by Brookshire’s Grocery Company. As with the announcement in January, Winters city officials were not happy about the closure of the business. “We are very disappointed to lose Cash Saver as a part The Cash Saver grocery store in Winters is closing. Officials with the store’s parent company, Lawrence Brothers based in Sweetwater, said the store will officially close Sept. 11 of our business community,” said Randall Conner, economic development director of the Winters Area Business and Industrial Corporation.

In June, Brookshire’s Grocery Company announced the purchase of 25 of the former Wal-Mart Express locations and the open ing of the newly created store called Spring Market. In January, Lawrence said the reason for the closure was that there was not enough business in Winters to support two grocery stores. “It was a situation where we felt like there was not enough business to justify having two supermarkets in Winters,” Lawrence said in January. Lawrence could not be reached for com – ment by press time.

The Cash Saver store which was originally a Piggly Wiggly, opened in Winters in 1966, after Jere Lawrence purchased the store. The location was called the Super Duper which was purchased from Furr’s in 1990 and after that it was called Lawrence Brothers. It was renamed in 2014 and became the Cash Saver grocery store.

The addition of Wal-Mart in December of 2014 was a major competitor for Cash Saver. Other competitors include Family Dollar which opened 20 years ago and opened a new store in October of 2015 and Dollar General, which opened in 2000 and opened a new store in 2010. There are approximately 15-20 full and part-time employees at the Cash Saver, which is under the Cost Plus model of stores.

“Most small communities go through con tinual growing pains,” Conner said. “As we see new businesses develop in town, others fade away. Fortunately, Winters has seen a small growth in business from year to year as evidenced by sales tax receipts and other statistics. We look forward to the new year with the potential and the challenges which all of our businesses face.”


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