Dozens of citizens attend Town Hall meeting


On Monday night the City of Fulton held a Town Hall meeting at the Pontotoc Community Center. The idea for the meeting was to have local citizens discuss what they would like to see put in to or taken out of the City Budget for 2016-2017. From coming up with a solution to deal with the many run down houses in the town, to adding bigger, brighter signs that will draw more visitors to the town, the citizens of Fulton showed up in full force. Continuing to improve the appearance of the town was a huge issue to several individuals at the meeting. Exploring the possibility of adding a Truck Stop or a chain restaurant was discussed. Every suggestion was written down by the commission, who hope to have a 2nd Town Hall Meeting later towards the end of May. They hope to give an update as to where the citizen’s input fit in the budget they have drawn up to that point.


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