Banana Festival Committee hold first meeting of 2016


On Feb 19th the Banana Festival Committee held it’s first meeting of 2016. There was lots of discussion involving the structure of the festival and trying to have it even more organized than before. One of the bigger topics of the meeting was talk of increasing the cost for vendors to set up in the spaces downtown. All of the event chairs were asked to start getting a budget together for their event so that an overall budget can be presented to the Fulton Tourism as soon as possible. A 30 second promo for the documentary that was shot during the 2015 Banana Festival was shown and is expected to be available on DVD in the Summer of 2016 (See above for promo). More Banana Festival information will be reported as it becomes more set in stone in the coming months. More information on the 2016 Banana Festival can be found on it’s official website:


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