Terror alert in Paris


At Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, passengers were evacuated shortly due to the terror alert.

The passengers at the 2F terminal of Charles de-Gaulle Airport in Paris, the capital of France, were briefly evacuated due to the terror alert.

About 2,000 passengers were evacuated due to security reasons, so up to 20 flights could be delayed.

In the statement made by the airport authorities on the subject, it was stated that a person was given a terror alarm for preventive purposes due to the entry of “private zone” belonging to the employees before passing the compulsory security check.

In the explanations, it was reported that the person responsible for the safety of the special zone of the employees was evacuated from the duty-free passengers due to the fact that a woman entering the territory could not be found for a long time without leaving their office without informing their supervisor and without being called.

A state of emergency was declared in Paris following the terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015, which killed 130 people.

The state of emergency, which was supposed to be finalized last year, was extended again after the terrorist attacks on July 14, which took place in Nice and led to the death of 86 people.

The Parliament will extend its emergency rule six times this month.


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