Inland Cities Attracting Middle Class with Affordable Housing



There was a time when better jobs and good weather were the reason that a person moved cities. Now, the time is such that it is primarily cheaper housing options that are forcing people to move to a new city. It has been seen that rapid growth of a new city is mainly possible these days because the housing options are cheaper.

The difficulty is getting mortgages and increasing rents of the coastal regions have come as a god send to inland cities, which are becoming quite sought after. This is a far cry from the time when coastal areas were given more importance. The cost of housing was not an issue at that time. Not so now.

Of all the people who are going to another city, most of them are citing housing prices as a primary reason, and this number has doubled from 2007. The new cities help them to gain a stronger foothold and the cities which are becoming popular are Oklahoma City and Little Rock, Ark, Ohio, Columbus, San Antonio and El Paso in Texas.

These newcomers are getting luxuries which they could never afford in costly cities. There they used to live in two bedroom apartments, garage studios or in studio apartments. In smaller cities, they can spend the same amount of money and exchange all that for suites and loft apartments, and houses of expansive sizes. For example, Tony Trammell now lives in a house of 3,300-square-feet with the same money he used to pay for a smaller place earlier.

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Lisa Drew
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