Heavy accusation from the spiritual to Turkey! “Dangerous”


Iranian President Hasan Ruhani criticized the dam projects in Turkey.

He talked about the dam projects on the Euphrates and the Dicle at a press conference held on sand storms in Tehran.

The Spirit, who does not have the name of Turkey in the meeting, criticized the dams built on the large rivers flowing into Syria and Iraq and stated that their effect would be devastating. Spiritually, he stated that dam constructions must be stopped and that this is “dangerous” for the whole of the Middle East. Speech of the Spiritual was found in the AP news agency and the New York Times.


Before the International Conference on Combating Sand and Powder Storms in Tehran, Iran’s Deputy President, Masum İbtikar, held a press conference and demanded that Turkey “examine the environmental problems that will occur in the following countries and their adverse effects without making a dam”. İbtikar, who is the Chairman of the Iranian Environment Council, argued that the dams made by Turkey directly affected the water resources in Iraq and Syria, which indirectly caused dust storms in Iran.


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